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Smart Sensors and Transducers Ltd (SSNT) is company dedicated to develop and manufacture High quality sensors and transducers. It has highly experienced and dedicated team of Engineers to design and develop any type of Pressure or Force (load) transducer to meet the challenging needs of present day sophisticated control systems .          

SSNT has developed and is currently producing all types of Load cells, Pressure Transducers, Pressure Transmitters and Digital Pressure gauges in large numbers. However SSNT Engineers can undertake to develop any type of load cell or pressure transducer gauges to any customer's specific need.  SSNT has a highly equipped workshop with sophisticated machines to fabricate ultra-precision metal parts. It also has its own molding shop to fabricate the plastic components for assembly. It has few CNC machines and number of Milling machines, Lathes, Surface grinders and metal finishing machinery.    

SSNT has its own precision tool room to fabricate tools, dies and moulds for various parts of transducer sub-assemblies. Large number of measuring tools and machines supplement the tool fabrication facility.  SSNT has well equipped quality control and inspection department which can monitor the quality of fabricated parts like hardness, composition, dimensions, profile etc.  SSNT is equipped with in-house heat treatment facility of various metals and specialized alloys used in transducer manufacture. For specialized heat treatment there is a vacuum furnace capable of heat treatment of precision parts to about 850 degree Celsius and can go upto 10 -6 Torr.                   

SSNT has assembly shop which has high standards of cleanliness. In certain operations class 100 clean room benches are used and moisture is controlled to desired levels. Needless to say that it has a well planned assembly line to manufacture the transducers in a very clean and controlled environment.  It has a large number of Test Instruments and Test jigs to test and calibrate each and every transducer to its desired accuracy using primary standards of dead weight systems to guarantee accuracy for each tested product.  



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