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This Hot and Cold Water Dispenser technology from Korea imparts hygiene and high aesthetics. 


Refrigeration System:

Quiet, air-cooled static-tyatic-type condenser. No fan required. Hermetically sealed and lubricated LG compressor. Protected against motor overload. Aluminum roll-body evaporator coated with epoxy finish.


Water Guard System:

In built  air filtration” device protects water by preventing entry of insects and air borne particles. ”Constant Flow Probe” lets constant flow of water without glugging and turbulence.



1.      Power Consumption: Very Low

      2.   Heating power : 430 watts                    

3.      Refrigeration Power: 125 watts

      4.   Power supply: Single phase AC-50 Hz


Cooler Dimensions:   

Height: 940mm x Width: 310mm x Depth: 300mm 


Shipping Weight:

 Approx.: 20Kg