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The XMT*3000 digital temperature controller can replace traditional display meter. It adopts three - positions keys to set freely and single 4 digit LED display. It has 2-on / off control , it is simple digital meter with control capability more reasonable . 


Technical Specification:

          Input: Thermal Couple   K E J  S  

          Thermal Resistance:  Pt 100 Cu50

          Range: K (0 to 1300 deg C); E (0 to 800 deg C)    

S (0 to 1600 deg C); J (0 to 1000 deg C) 

Pt100 (-200.0 to 200.0; 0 to 600 deg C)     

  Cu50(-150.0 to 150.0deg C)

          Display: 4 digit LED display 

OUT Indicator Light: When OUT is ON, a green LED light . 

Set key (SET): Switches the setting mode and registers the  

      setting value and selected value .

             Dec Key : Decreases numeric value of the setting value . 

             Inc Key : Increases numeric value of the setting value . 

          Basic Error:  +/- 0.5 % +/- a dot of the total range of the input.

          Control Output:  Relay contact   AC 250V    7A (impedance) 

          Control Means: 2 - on / off control 

          Power AC 220 V   (50/60 Hz ) 

          Work Environment: temperature 0 - 50 deg C, Humidity < 85 % RH, No corrode 

          Size: XMTG 48x48x90 mm   Hole 44x44